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In the interest of accommodating an ever-increasing air traffic load in U.S. Domestic Airspace, the FAA has mandated a Domestic RVSM (Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum). This will entail a decrease in vertical separation from 2000 to 1000 feet for aircraft that fly between FL 290 and 410. This change will ultimately add six flight levels, increasing flight route availability as well as allowing aircraft to fly at more efficient flight levels, resulting in lower fuel consumption and shorter routes.

This RVSM mandate will require an increased accuracy in air data computers from 180 to 25 feet at FL 300. Therefore, all civilian aircraft must be tested for compliance by December 2004, or not be permitted to fly in this airspace.

Star Aviation has Installation STC for 500/550/560/SII Citations

Star Aviation has formed a partnership with Southern Avionics of Mobile, AL as Southern Star, L.L.C., to provide RVSM solutions for various aircraft, including the Cessna Citation 500/560 series. Star Aviation has received the Installation STC for RVSM certification on 500/550/560/SII series Cessna Citations. Star has Group Approval for Citation 500/501/551/550 and is finishing Group Certification for the 560/S550 group.

Our RVSM solution has been engineered to be the most cost and schedule-conscious on the market, and Star Aviation is taking orders for both kits and complete RVSM upgrades. Star is also formulating one-off solutions as well as other group certifications. So don't delay, beat the rush for compliance and save $10k-30k. For more information, please contact Ben Montgomery.

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Citation 550
Analog Interface Units
C550 Avionics Bay
LRU Close Up
System Check Out
Single FD LRU
Kit Wire Harnesses
Pitot Static Kit
Misc. Kit Hardware
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